Phil Collins puppet mask

This commission was for a client who goes on an 80’s themed cruise every year, and there are several costume events as part of the cruise. He requested a mask version of the Phil Collins puppet from the Genesis music video “Land of Confusion”. The original puppets were designed by Roger Law (the brilliant creator of the Spitting Image satirical television series.) As a general rule, I do not re-create other people’s designs, as the original artist owns the copyright, and as an author’s wife, I am a stickler for intellectual property ownership. I told my client that I would need written permission from Law. And he got it! Law wrote “If you’ve got your heart set on dancing around as Phil Collins, who am I to stop you? You certainly have my permission. Have fun. All Best wishes”
It was a delight to work from Law’s masterful, brilliant puppet designs. The video, it is quite the wild ride!!!


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