PLEASE NOTE: Beckie does not make masks based on images from movies, video games, graphic novels, TV characters, etc. due to copyright law. Those character designs are owned by the person who created them. In rare instances, client’s have been able to obtain written permission from the copyright holder for Beckie to re-create their designs, but in general, Beckie’s custom masks are created from client’s original sketches or ideas. Designs that Beckie does not have the rights to reproduce exactly can be the inspiration or starting point for new commissions.

Beckie has decades of experience working collaboratively, combining her skills and artistic vision with the ideas of others to bring artwork to life. Her masks have been seen on film, television, international stages, music videos, and festival venues, and include her original designs as well as realizations of sketches provided by clients. The images in the Commissions Gallery give an overview of the variety of Beckie’s commissioned masks. These masks are in the collections of the people or companies who commissioned them. In the case of masks created from client sketches, the client retains the copyright to the design, which means that Beckie is not able to recreate it for a different client.

The Commission  Process

A commission begins with a discussion of the client’s general concept of the project. This initial talk can be very specific (I would like a life-like, wearable portrait mask of or company CEO), or quite general (I need a bird mask for a production). The preliminary discussion includes not only the artistic ideas, but consideration of how the mask will be used, size, materials, budget, timeline and client expectations.

Once the concept parameters have been defined, Beckie will provide an estimated price range for the proposed project. The price will be further refined as specifics of the project are solidified.

If you have a project that is deadline dependent, whether it be a theatrical production or a gift for a special occasion, Beckie will make sure that your mask or sculpture is delivered in a timely matter. At the time of commission, Beckie will give the client a realistic estimate of when the project will be completed, based on what is currently in progress in her studio. Rush jobs are sometimes available, but depending on the situation, a rush charge may be added to the price.

Letter of Agreement:
Upon agreement of the specifics of design, materials and costs, a letter of agreement is drawn up that spells out all of the details of the project including description, timeline, deposit, and payment schedule.

Payment schedule:
Typically, a commission is secured with a deposit in the amount of 50% of the total price. The second half is due upon completion of the finished sculpture, either at the time of delivery in person, or before the sculpture is shipped out.  Shipping costs will be added to the final invoice.  Payment can be through Zelle, Venmo or online.  Payment details are specified in the commission contract.

Progress Reports and Client Approvals:
If proximity permits, the client is welcome to come to Beckie’s studio periodically to view the work in progress. If distance makes in-person visits impractical, Beckie is happy to offer progress reports via email images or live video conferences. Client feedback as the mask progresses is welcomed. A commission is a collaborative process, and Beckie’s goal is to help you see your vision come to life. Note: While some tweaking of the design is expected as part of the creation process, making significant design changes after sculpting begins may incur price changes.

Portraits: Beckie is able to work both from life and from photos. She likes to have as many angles of the subjects face that are available, particularly full profiles from both sides if possible. If the individual is available to model in person, a sitting with the live model is always appreciated (and enjoyed!). Even with a live model, Beckie will ask for several photos with different views, so that she can complete the initial lay-in of clay without the model having to sit for the full time.

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