About Beckie Kravetz

Beckie Kravetz has been a professional mask-maker and sculptor for more than 30 years. She studied at the Yale School of Drama; El Taller de Madera in Guatemala; the Instituto Allende in San Miguel, Mexico; with master mask maker Donato Sartori at the Centro Maschere e Strutture Gestuali, Padua, Italy; and with Julie Taymor and Ralph Lee.

In 1989, Beckie became the resident mask-maker for the Los Angeles Opera, where for 23 years she was assistant wig master and a principal makeup artist.

Beckie’s masks have also appeared in the Netflix series Archive 81, Disney Studio’s The Haunted Mansion, and in international commercials for Max Factor, Pepsi, and Nike featuring Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Charles Barkley.

Following her first solo mask exhibition at Roark Gallery in Los Angeles, Beckie’s work evolved into sculpting heads, busts and full figures in ceramic, bronze and mixed media.

Solo exhibitions: Barn Gallery (Lenox, MA), The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (Los Angeles), Gallery 10 (Scottsdale, AZ), Downey Gallery (Santa Fe), Tansey Contemporary (Santa Fe), MAP Gallery (Easthampton, MA), Tansey Gallery (Tucson), and Hathaway Gallery (Oneonta, NY).

Group shows: Norman Rockwell Museum (Stockbridge, MA), Lincoln Center Library (New York), The Metropolitan Opera,  D’Amore Museum of Fine Art (Springfield, MA),Tucson Museum of Art, the Jewish Community Museum (San Francisco), Shidoni and Tansey Contemporary Galleries (Santa Fe), Mind’s Eye Gallery (Scottsdale, AZ), Torpedo Factory (Alexandria, VA), Walker Gallery (Davis, CA), Mesquite Grove Gallery (Patagonia, AZ), and the Davis Dominguez, Dinnerware, and TDS galleries (Tucson, AZ).

To view Beckie’s complete fine art portfolio, please visit BKSculptureStudio.com.

Beckie’s work is on permanent display at El Museo de Títeres in Cádiz, Spain, where she was a Fulbright Fellow.

She has received grants from several Massachusetts cultural councils, the National Education Association, the California Arts Council, the Arizona Arts Commission, and from private foundations. These grants have supported Beckie’s public art and mask-making workshops for students of all ages, including adults with disabilities, at-risk teens, and unhoused women.

Beckie’s studio in Cummington, MA