Rental Information

The larger one-of-a-kind masks in our stock that are available to rent are pictured below.  Some other masks from the Full Mask and Half and 3/4 Mask collections may be rented, but only if they are already in existing stock (i.e. cast, painted, and ready-to-wear).  If the mask is in stock, it can be repainted with a custom finish for an additional fee.  If you are interested in renting a specific mask from any of the categories, please contact Beckie for availability.

Rental fees vary based on the mask and on the length of time it will be used. In general, rentals run from $55 (half mask) – $175 (larger animal masks) for a 1-3 week period. Longer rentals can be negotiated.

Shipping and insurance both ways will be added to the rental fee.



Masks Available to Rent

Rental Inquiry