The Mask Studio
the mask galleries of   BK Sculpture Studio
custom creations by Beckie Kravetz

     The Mask Studio features original theater masks and fine art masks, handmade by artist Beckie Kravetz. The designs include classic Commedia masks and Greek theater masks, realistic human faces, portrait masks, neutral masks, opera masks, animal masks and fantasy creatures.  All of these masks, with the exception of the Art Masks, were designed for theatrical use. Half and 3/4 masks are available for speaking characters.  Full face masks, which give a more complete sense of the character, can be custom built to facilitate speaking if necessary. 

     The Art Mask gallery displays decorative, wall-hung masks in a variety of materials including resin, bronze and papier mache.  The theater masks are available for sale or rental.  Art masks are for purchase only.

     Custom commissions are welcome, including portrait masks from photos.

     Beckie also offers mask-making workshops and theatrical makeup workshops.



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